Brand Building

Photo: AFP PHOTO / / Jay Nemeth

Photo: AFP PHOTO / / Jay Nemeth

How Many Customers Know Your Brand?

It’s all very well designing and producing an amazing product;  sales and profit will fall short if not enough people buy it as a result of poor branding activity, distribution to the market place and by lack of referrals through social media and other platforms: A brand needs to be discussed, shared and win approval throughout the networks to really succeed and grow.

Time is absorbed quickly these days and customers are not able to assess their needs fully. As a result they turn to familiar brands to save time and effort: All the more reason to strengthen marketing activity and strengthen the  brand message.

In the current digital climate customers’ will switch off to heavy-handed brand messaging and as a result, will much prefer a softer and more customer-relevant approach through well written and appealing content; where the story of the business becomes a topic of conversation throughout a community and supports the traditional marketing activity.

Telling the story needs to be done  in human terms avoiding business terminology. What is it you believe in? How can you help others? What is it that we really care about? What makes the business special?  These might be clear to the leaders of the business, but what about the rest of the team; do they care? In this connected world they really do need to be able to tell the story too.

Business needs to have a personality. It needs to be a true, trusted, open and honest personality. Successful businesses in our social and digital world will be those with a human touch that customers relate to and develop and share their loyalty for that brand.

By Graeme Sanderson



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